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    Sean Rolsen Photography takes a different approach. It is because of this fact that we take our time with each client; get to know them before they become clients. It's important to us to make sure we are a good fit for each client and ensure you get images that exceed your expectations. / 573-822-8291 / Sean Rolsen Photography

The Latest…

Jill Eggering and Jordon Stroot united in Marriage September 1st, 2012

Images will be posted via client proofs ( in about 4-6 weeks.  When the images are ready you will see them featured on and facebook as well. If you would like to be notified via email when they are online just drop us a note!

Some favorites are on Facebook now here.



Free Sessions for a Friend!

Sean Rolsen Photography will be awarding several free sessions soon. We will be giving away three free portrait sessions.

  • Family Portrait Session
  • Senior Portrait Session
  • Model Headshot Session or Individual Portrait Session

These sessions are not for you! They are for a friend. In order to qualify for consideration you must email a “letter of recommendation” or… at least a note of one. Tell us why your friend deserves to receive a free portrait session from Sean Rolsen Photography. We will not tell you what to write, what reasons merit a free session, or what will pull on the judges heart strings. That much is up to you. Please send your letters of recommendation to us via our contact link at the top right, to or message via facebook.

Interested? Here are the details…

You must submit your letters by November 1st. As well as why you are recommending your friend, please include your name, age, both parties contact info, what one type of session is requested and anything else is relevant. If submitting head-shots, please email and ensure that all attachments are less than 10MB combined.

Winners will receive a special coupon for prints as well.

Your letters will also be reviewed by out-of-state photographer friends to act as impartial judges.

Session length and location will vary depending on the type of session awarded. However, each session will likely be on-location outdoors.

Each session will awarded in Gift Certificate form with certain limitations (such as: you must make an appointment in advance, expiry date, etc.).

Winners will be notified by email and letters/headshots will not be posted online without consent.

This is new for us and we are very excited about it. Let’s see how this goes and based on the number of entrants, feedback, etc. we will do this again in the future.


We are Sean Rolsen Photography. We specialize in location wedding photography, and location portraits. We create studio environments on-the-fly outdoors. We have been using this specialized technique for a few years now. Our clients really love it. I invite you to view my work and hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoy shooting it.

I really like all new-media formats as tools of expression. We currently shoot both 35mm film and digital. We have also been known to do some video here and there. Our focus is primarily digital for many reasons, but still shoot film via request.

I started the Hannibal Photo Club in order to get the local photographic community connected. If you are interested in joining, please contact us.